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The Ultimate Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Published in office cleaning service in Austin, TX.

Many space owners take the importance of a well-cleaned restroom for granted until they come across a less-clean one. Restroom cleaning is also essential for the betterment of employees and all the visitors. An office cleaning service in Austin, TX, should also work upon the toilets to keep them clean.

This piece will walk you through the essentials of restroom cleaning that your cleaning service should take up. Keep Reading!

office cleaning service in Austin, TX

The Checklist

·    The restrooms should not reek of foul toilet odors. The urinals should be spotless and always smell fresh and clean.

·    The cleaners should replace the urinal blocks regularly and clean the handles.

·    Cleaners also need to understand manufacturer-recommended dwell times.

·    The cleaners should be using the best extraction and cleaning agents for the sinks, toilets, walls, floors, and mirrors.

·    Restrooms mirrors should be spot-free, clean, and shiny from edge to edge.

·    The cleaners should focus on the ” high contact,” “hot spots,” and the “touchpoints” of the restroom.

·    Cleaners should also take care of hard to reach areas to cut down odor and grime.

·    The trash bin should never be full. Cleaners should regularly empty it before it fills to the top.

·    Cleaning of vents should be a part of daily cleaning.

·    It is also mandatory for the cleaners to restock all the consumable products before they finish.

The Bottom Line

A clean restroom is a healthy restroom. It is no secret that a dirty toilet is the house of harmful bacterias and viruses. Also, several employees and other people use the bathroom, which is essential to maintain.

All in all, you should not neglect the cleanliness of restrooms or any other office area. A little investment towards experienced office cleaners can go a long way.